No more Crux, it’s just me now

So, I finally shut down Crux Technologies, Inc. this past year.  The only interesting bit on the old Crux website was Font Runner, which I’m still offering and supporting.

At some point, I realized that my personal hobby projects should be just that, so a personal website would be a perfect vehicle to share stuff with everybody.

Yes, I am working on stuff other than Font Runner. It’s nothing too fancy, but fun for me and hopefully useful for others.

I’ve also been busy working through my game backlog.  I finally replaced my old PC last spring, so now I have the hardware to catch up.  If I hadn’t caught some great deals on Steam recently, I would have finished this website transition a long time ago. Batman: Arkham Asylum was my most recent distraction. (It lived up to the hype, by the way)

No, I’m not on Facebook, so if you were looking for me, here I am.

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