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EasyRoute 2.10 – Switched to Mapbox

As I mentioned last time, EasyRoute would shortly be changing its maps and data source to Mapbox and now, that moment has arrived. Everything is intended to work as it did before (with one big exception) but there are some places where the generated route is different than before. I am still finding ways to […]

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EasyRoute 2.9 and the plan going forward

EasyRoute 2.9 is out. Here is a rundown of what’s new: Ads Back in December, I removed the $0.99 price tag on EasyRoute. I did this for a few reasons, but in the end, I enjoyed setting it free more than the slow trickle of revenue it produced when it was $0.99. However, it became […]

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EasyRoute 2.7 – iPhone X, FIT Export and ELEMNT

Today’s EasyRoute release delivers a few nice things while setting the table for even bigger features. Let’s dive into it. First, let’s get the simple one out of the way — iPhone X support. It uses the whole screen — no more black bars. The next big one is FIT export with turn-by-turn directions. Any […]

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EasyRoute 2.6 Status

Today, version 2.6.4 of EasyRoute was released to the App Store. The fixes are relatively minor, but I’m happy to be fixing minor issues versus having to sweat out potentially large issues. Last time, I wrote that the big new iCloud feature in 2.6 may have blown up in my face. After hearing from more […]

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A Bad EasyRoute Update

Time to face the music. On Monday, my iCloud update for EasyRoute was released. This was my longest release cycle for a lot of reasons and I actually sat on this release for a few weeks after I thought it was ready, just to be sure. Unfortunately when I finally released it, I got reports of […]

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An EasyRoute Update for iCloud

Version 2.6 of EasyRoute was approved and released by Apple today! The big new feature is iCloud syncing. In order to sync your routes across your devices you only need to be signed into iCloud. That’s right, all the syncing is done behind-the-scenes for you. This means if you create a route on your iPad, […]

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EasyRoute News and Status

Since I’ve been in radio silence here on for a while here, I figured I’d post a little news and a quick status update. DC Rainmaker First off, EasyRoute was mentioned on DC Rainmaker! I’m a long-time reader so it was really fun to see Ray using it. I had reached out to him […]

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Importing GPX into EasyRoute

I just received a message through my contact page asking about EasyRoute’s GPX import feature. Unfortunately, my reply got bounced back to me, so I figured I’d address it with a blog entry in case anyone else was confused about it and hopefully the person asking about it will return here and find the answer. EasyRoute […]

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EasyRoute 2.0 is out

Let me start right off by stating that this is a rather anticlimactic 2.0 release. Honestly, I only bumped the major version because I ran out of numbers in the 1.x range! Anyway, what’s new for this version which is actually 1.9 + 0.1? Mainly, I added an export to MapMyFitness. EasyRoute already had the ability […]

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EasyRoute Status 1.8.x

So it’s been a rough week or so for EasyRoute. First, shortly after releasing 1.8, I got a report from a helpful user that it crashed on his iPad. I quickly found the problem and released a fix. Unfortunately, it took 6 days for it to make it through Apple’s review process, which is is […]

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