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How EasyRoute is always useful to me

I feel compelled to write about this because I take great satisfaction in the fact that I actually use EasyRoute quite regularly almost a year after releasing the first version. In fact, because of all the snow we’ve gotten here in New York, I’ve had to use it quite a bit recently. You’d think I’d […]

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EasyRoute 1.7 Released

Yesterday, EasyRoute 1.7 was released on the Apple iOS App Store. First, I went back and changed the way the elevation button behaves. When the elevation view was first under development, I was trying to come up with a good graphic for the button that would indicate what it was for. I made a simple […]

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EasyRoute 1.6 is Available

First, thanks to Apple for getting the release out so fast — I just submitted it last night and here it is already! I’ve heard that review times can get as high as three weeks right around a major iOS release, so I’m guessing they’re doing everything they can to keep the queue short with […]

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EasyRoute 1.5 Released

So, I’m a little late with this announcement because I didn’t realize Apple had approved 1.5. I submitted it 8 days ago and haven’t heard anything since then. The Apple developer website was¬†taken down after a security scare, so maybe that had something to do with it. Anyway, I want to discuss the changes in […]

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EasyRoute 1.4 Released

I’m really happy to announce that EasyRoute 1.4 has hit the App Store! I’m particularly excited about this release because I feel it is one of the most solid EasyRoute releases so far. I added one major new feature, but made lots of little fixes and enhancements that I think just make the overall experience […]

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Rolling right along: EasyRoute 1.3 Released!

There is only one new feature, but it is a personal favorite of mine: Street View! Tap-and-hold on a road to bring up Street View. It’s that simple. This is something I’ve been looking forward to doing. Before EasyRoute, using web-based route planners, I have had to keep a regular Google Map page open also […]

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EasyRoute 1.2 Released!

Quick mention: it’s a good thing I wasn’t going anyway, because WWDC sold out in two or three minutes depending on your source. I had someone inform me at 1:03 EDT, so it definitely was not more than three minutes. Onto the bigger story of the day (well, at least on this site). EasyRoute 1.2 […]

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EasyRoute 1.1 now available

After about 8 days in review, EasyRoute 1.1 is finally available. The big new feature is the elevation graph. In addition, there were some minor bug fixes and internal cleanup. When I released EasyRoute 1.0, I felt it was in a useful state even without the elevation graph — this is particularly true since I […]

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EasyRoute: For Sale!

It’s finally here! I submitted it last Friday where it stayed “Waiting for review” for 6 days. (4 business days.) It seems to have been “In review” for exactly 25 minutes before changing to “Processing for App Store” and then “Ready for Sale”. I’m hoping others will find it as useful as I have. (Thus, […]

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EasyRoute Back in Review

I re-submitted EasyRoute to the App Store. As I mentioned previously, I self-rejected EasyRoute¬†so I could integrate the Google Maps SDK for iOS. This was not just so it could feature a Google map instead of an Apple map — whatever opinions may be about Apple’s maps had nothing to do with the decision. Apple’s […]

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