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EasyRoute 4.2 – Watch Stuff and Offline Mode

I had some fun making stuff for EasyRoute over the winter. This release gets all that out. Route Scheduling This is an Apple Watch focused feature I used to assist me in marathon training. I had to add some detours and excursions to my normal running routes to make the day’s prescribed distance on the […]

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EasyRoute and iOS 13

I figured I should address this as it is becoming a big problem. iOS 13 largely breaks file sharing between apps. This means when you export your route as a GPX or FIT for consumption by Wahoo or Garmin apps, they might not show up as open-in options. This seems to be a widespread problem […]

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EasyRoute 3.2.3 – A Few Notes

A bit of a random release. I just wanted to release a few things that were ready to go. A Setup Process There is a new a setup/welcome prompt that takes you through some settings that might be easily missed. If you’ve been using the app, think of it as a tune-up. Otherwise, it should […]

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EasyRoute 2.7 – iPhone X, FIT Export and ELEMNT

Today’s EasyRoute release delivers a few nice things while setting the table for even bigger features. Let’s dive into it. First, let’s get the simple one out of the way — iPhone X support. It uses the whole screen — no more black bars. The next big one is FIT export with turn-by-turn directions. Any […]

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Pray for Boston

I was going to make some announcements with tonight’s post; instead I sit here wiping away tears. Logic is an essential part of computer programming, thus who I am. When these things happen, I ask why? How could this happen? Even to a deranged mind, how could this make sense? I don’t get it. Marathoners? […]

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