EasyRoute 1.1 now available

After about 8 days in review, EasyRoute 1.1 is finally available.

The big new feature is the elevation graph. In addition, there were some minor bug fixes and internal cleanup.

When I released EasyRoute 1.0, I felt it was in a useful state even without the elevation graph — this is particularly true since I mostly run in places that are very flat.¬†However, with the elevation graph, 1.1 feels much more complete to me.

I am by no means “done”. I still have a long list of things to add to EasyRoute and I already checked a few of those items off while waiting for 1.1 to be reviewed by Apple. I should have another release in Apple’s queue within a week or so.

If you’ve bought it, thank you! Feel free to contact me with feedback or leave a comment.

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