EasyRoute 1.7 Released

Yesterday, EasyRoute 1.7 was released on the Apple iOS App Store.

First, I went back and changed the way the elevation button behaves. When the elevation view was first under development, I was trying to come up with a good graphic for the button that would indicate what it was for. I made a simple graph icon and it looked good, but I also realized that maybe it should just be the actual elevation graph. So, now it is.

The iPhone version of EasyRoute has a simple arrow button that reveals the map options, I reversed the direction of the arrow to indicate which direction the map options will animate from. This button can be touched or swiped. It’s a minor correction, but it just seems more natural to me.

Finally, I added a zoom animation to Street View. I was experimenting with some new iOS 7 functionality and created the zoom almost by accident. I initially added the zoom while I was experimenting with some new iOS 7 functionality and liked it. I realized that if it zoomed to and from the spot on the map you were viewing, it actually became useful, not just a fancy effect. The zoom effect only appears on iOS 7 (iOS 6 just uses the old transition) but the iOS 7 adoption rate is just insane.

I am planning a another release very soon to address some minor things I noticed over the past week (6 days in review).

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