EasyRoute 2.10 – Switched to Mapbox

As I mentioned last time, EasyRoute would shortly be changing its maps and data source to Mapbox and now, that moment has arrived.

Everything is intended to work as it did before (with one big exception) but there are some places where the generated route is different than before. I am still finding ways to tweak this and if something doesn’t seem right or if you discover a bug, let me know.

The one big exception I mentioned above is Street View. Google only allows Street View to be used with a Google map and since that is no longer the case, I cannot embed it directly in EasyRoute anymore. However, I can launch it externally and if you have the Google Maps app for iOS, it’s almost as nice as it was before. It’ll automatically open to the Street View panorama at the location you selected in EasyRoute and getting back to EasyRoute is just a matter of hitting iOS’ built-in back button in the far upper-right corner.

Some of you wanted an in-app purchase to remove the ads. While I had always intended to do this, I decided to withhold it until the Mapbox conversion was complete. I didn’t want to start collecting money from you, and then soon after, abruptly change the app in a major way. The in-app purchase is now available so you can evaluate the Mapbox change before giving me money.

With this recent flurry of changes, hopefully EasyRoute can sustain itself. Mapbox is really the only expense now and their rates are reasonable. If you’re kind enough to report bugs or problems, I’ll take care ¬†of them. (I noticed a couple of minor issues myself while planning a bike ride myself this weekend.) Also, I think I was pretty close to finished with my next major feature before this whole Google pricing thing became an issue so I’ll hopefully be able make that available soon too.

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