EasyRoute 4.3 – Folders!

It seems like everyone has been asking about it and now they’re finally here — folders!

This is something I attempted a few times over the years, but it always turned into a big messy set of changes that I would put aside and ultimately abandon. This time, I came up with a simpler plan and it worked out.

All your existing routes sit in the default Routes folder. You can make additional folders alongside that and move your routes around as you see fit.

You cannot delete the default Routes folder because that’s where your imported routes will end up and, under the hood, it’s important. (Backwards compatibility reasons too… it just makes things a lot less complicated to ensure it stays around.)

Also, I got some feedback around using EasyRoute to navigate a leisurely walking route, so it’s now more tolerant of going off-route and backwards a little bit when following a walking route.

That, and the normal bug fixes, clean-up and so forth.

Since I had to change the route storage (and iCloud) support, I’m a little more cautious about this release. I left it in beta longer than usual and feel pretty confident that it’s solid, but if there are any issues. Let me know through the contact form or Twitter.

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