EasyRoute 4.6 – Sortable Routes and Widgets

Two notable features in this release.

First, the route list is now sortable! This was a widely-requested feature and a little tricky as EasyRoute has always supported custom route ordering by dragging routes up and down the list. I didn’t want to break that but I think I found a nice way to support both.

Next, it supports iOS 14 widgets to show the next upcoming scheduled route. This is here basically because I wanted to play with iOS 14 widgets and figured EasyRoute could use them similarly to how they’re used on watchOS where the complications show the upcoming route. It was fun to do and I like seeing my next planned run on the Home Screen, so it was worth doing.

Also, it might be worth mentioning that non-premium users that are shown Google Ads should now be prompted for permission to be tracked on iOS 14.

Aside from that, the usual maintenance and cleanup.

While I’m here, I’ll tease that the Android version is under development. It works, but with plenty of quirks and lots of missing functionality. I’m chipping away at it though!

As usual, for feedback, support, bug reports or whatever. Let me know with the contact form or on Twitter.

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