EasyRoute News and Status

Since I’ve been in radio silence here on CodeAndRun.com for a while here, I figured I’d post a little news and a quick status update.

DC Rainmaker

First off, EasyRoute was mentioned on DC Rainmaker! I’m a long-time reader so it was really fun to see Ray using it. I had reached out to him some time ago just to let him know that EasyRoute existed. It appeared in his “Week in Review” posts when he used to post screenshots of app updates, but I didn’t know it was his favorite route planner! Thanks, Ray!

In the Pipeline

This has to be the longest I’ve gone without some kind of feature update for EasyRoute. I was on a nice cadence of getting something useful out the door every few weeks, but I’ve gotten stuck on something big. Sitting on a major update and releasing it after a long period of no updates is exactly what I try to avoid, but once I become unstuck, I expect to be able to make a number of releases with some nice features as the log jam clears up.

To elaborate a bit, the next feature is iCloud support. Basically, if you make a route on your iPad, it is available on your phone too. There were a number a behind-the-scenes changes I needed to make and it they were more extensive than I planned for, but I’m much happier with the new design. Actually, iCloud was something I had planned for from the beginning, but without getting into technical nitty-gritty, my original design didn’t work out.

While I’m on the topic of my next release, I wouldn’t mind taking on some additional beta testers. Drop me a note on my contact page if you’re interested.

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