First Races of the Season

I thought I overheard someone say something about it being spring a couple of weeks ago. It sure doesn’t feel like spring with daytime temperatures still down in the 40s, but the spring 5Ks are here anyway.

First up, on April 14, 2013 is the Race for Spinal Victory (online registration here). I ran this race two years ago. It is one of my favorite 5Ks not only because it is indeed a fast, flat course as advertised, but it is also the race that provided me with my first age-group medal.

When I ran it two years ago, I was actually disappointed with my performance. I hung around for the awards and raffles and was shocked to hear my name called for 2nd in my age group. Honestly, the age group was a bit weak that day, but considering all the running I had done up to that point (early in the morning, late at night, brutal heat, frigid cold, dark, rain, snow, wind, etc) I proudly viewed it as validation of all the hard work and it motivated me to win one again only with a performance I would be happy with. (Which I did; I took 3rd with a PR a few months later.)

My next race, the following weekend on April 20, 2013, is the 2nd Annual Greg Fried Memorial 5K Run/Walk (registration link). I wrote about this event last year. I said that I would do this race again and I am. Once again, it conflicts with the St James 5-Miler, which I also said I wanted to do again, but as much as I want that rematch with the Cordwood Path hill, it doesn’t stand a chance against a race in Roslyn.

Granted, I am biased because the race goes right through my childhood hometown, but it really is a beautiful run. It goes completely around the scenic duck pond surrounded by historic homes and through the Roslyn village. I’ve been looking forward to running it again.

Finally, I’ll be running some kind of longer race in May or June. Due to pneumonia, I will not attempt the full, 26.2-mile Long Island Marathon, but I will run the half if I can either change the registration or just finish in one of the half chutes. I was also considering the Lake Placid Half Marathon. I thought I had missed the registration deadline, but I see it has been extended, so I’m thinking about that again too.

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