Font Runner Update

I made some updates to the Font Runner project.

First, I cleaned up the project and put it into Git. It had previously been in my Perforce depot, but as I have mentioned before, I prefer git these days.

Then, I replaced the old license with the GPL license and removed any references to things I am not going to support any more, like the Check for Updates feature. (Maybe I’ll bring it back, but it will take some effort to get it going again on my non-corporate website)

I made some instructions on how to build it, including cloning the repo, building the program and even creating the installers. I then followed these very same instructions to make a fresh build, which is available here.

I pushed the Font Runner repo up to Bitbucket, a very nice service from Atlassian.

Finally, I removed the Font Runner downloads from SourceForge.

This really worked out for the best. Since hosting the files on SourceForge a few months ago, I have heard some complaints about the incredible number of confusing ads they bombard you with. Many of the ads contain big, shiny-looking download buttons, so you had to click carefully to get Font Runner.

I have no ads on this website, nor did I receive any revenue from SourceForge’s ads. I have always thought of SourceForge as a reputable entity, so I’m a little disappointed with the way things turned out there. In the end, the source code and binaries are now available in a clean, convenient way at no cost to me or you. Thanks Atlassian!

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