Some changes ’round here

Code and Run

First, I changed the name of this blog to Code and Run. I like it better than just using my name because I can tell people about it without having to spell my name. It suits me really well too.

Font Runner

I released the source code for Font Runner on SourceForge. For numerous reasons, it is unlikely I’ll put any major effort into it anytime soon. People are still downloading it and I’m glad people are still using it. Keeping the code to myself wasn’t helping anybody.

I released it under the GPLv3 license for a few reasons. Mainly, if anyone else changes it, I want those changes released back into the community. If this were a library, I would have used a more permissive license to promote adoption, but as a complete program, I thought the GPL would best protect it.

A New Host

I am now using A Small Orange¬†as my host. I tried them out and liked them much better than my old host. The site seems faster, I have more control over it and it’s cheaper too. During the setup process, their support people were terrific. I won’t name my old host, but they weren’t bad. They suited suited me better when I needed to host a corporate website, but for a little personal site like this, A Small Orange is perfect.

A New Project

Pretty soon, I’ll be drawing the curtain back on a whole new little bundle of bits I made for the world.

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