Home Server Follow Up

Last time, I told you about the new home server I got and promised to tell you more about it. Well, the rest of the story is pretty boring. I put the (two Linux software RAID 1) drives in the new machine and it came right up. I was so happy I did a cartwheel […]

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A New Home Server!

A few months ago, that little box I’ve mentioned a few times broke down. I took the mirrored drives out and put them into another old PC, and it came right up like magic!  Terrific! However, that old PC isn’t a good long-term replacement.  It is noisy, and even with everything non-essential stripped out of it, […]

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apcupsd to the rescue!

We had some fierce wind here today and a little after 10 this morning, the power went out. I had configured apcupsd to properly shut down the server, but I never actually tested it. Setting up apcupsd was so straightforward, I didn’t even bother posting about it. Basically, you can install it using apt-get and […]

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Home Server Migration Complete!

As mentioned in several of my previous posts, I recently switched my home server from Windows Server 2003 to Ubuntu Linux 10.10. The machine is an old bare-bones Shuttle SK21G system equipped with the cheapest processor I could find 5 or 6 years ago and only 1GB of RAM. The processor is a 1.6GHz Sempron I’m pretty sure […]

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