Font Runner is a Windows font manager for artists and graphic designers. It is designed to easily organize and search collections of fonts.

About Font Runner

If you have a large collection of fonts, keeping them all in your Windows Fonts folder can be burdensome and slow. With Font Runner, you can manage your font files by keeping them in folders of your choosing.

Browse through your font collection quickly to help you find “just the right font” for any project. Organize your fonts with drag-and-drop ease; cataloging them into different folders and projects. Search your fonts by name, similarity or by character. Also, preview your fonts inside Font Runner or by making them available to other applications. Finally, Font Runner gives you the ability to make printouts of your fonts so you can thumb through them easily.

You can do all this — without putting your fonts in the Windows Fonts folder.


Font Projects

Font Projects allow you to group together sets of fonts for specific projects
without having to move or install them.


Organizing your font collection with Font Runner is a breeze.
Copy and move fonts with your mouse.

Fast and Easy Browsing

Easily browse through fonts your hard disk, network locations, removable disks
or any other kind of media.

Preview Text, Style and Color

Preview sample text for fast comparison of fonts.  Display it
in the style and color of your choosing.

Share Fonts with Other Applications

The fonts being displayed by Font Runner can be shared with other
applications as if they were installed.

Examine Fonts With the Font Map

Get up-close and personal with the font by browsing through its supported

Quick Access to Favorite Font folders

Customize a list of your most frequently used font folders for convenient

Print Your Fonts

Create a hardcopy index of your font archive so you can easily
thumb through it away from your computer.

64-bit Version Available

A native 64-bit version of Font Runner is available.  Enjoy better
performance with the 64-bit version.