No marathons for me, thank you

I run about twenty miles per week. Specifically, I try to get in five 4-mile runs over the course of a week. From this, I derive good health and happiness. I am at an ideal weight and I am in the best shape of my life.

Whenever I talk about running, the question I get most often is, “Are you going to run a marathon?” I already gave away the answer in the title of this post, but here it goes anyway: no marathons for me, thank you.

Mainly, I just don’t have any interest in it.  My relatively short runs have given me everything I could have asked for from an exercise regime. It keeps me healthy and makes me happy.  I know that people specifically target marathons as their ultimate goal when they resolve to get in shape by running. I think that’s awesome if that’s what inspires them to make running part of their lifestyle.  For me, however, that’s not the case.

Then, there’s training for a marathon.  The whole process for a 4-mile run takes a little more than hour.  That process being, changing into running clothes, stretching, warming up, the run itself, cooling down, showering and changing back into regular clothes.  That hour is about all I can spare, and even that is sometimes hard to schedule into a busy routine.  Also, it usually means I spend an hour less doing other things I enjoy. I like running, but I don’t feel the need to take it to that level.

Finally, I don’t want the additional risk of injury. Since the idea of a marathon doesn’t particularly interest me that much, this is a risk/reward equation that just doesn’t balance.

My hat’s off to the people who strive for it and achieve it. I know it isn’t easy.

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