EasyRoute 1.2 Released!

Quick mention: it’s a good thing I wasn’t going anyway, because WWDC sold out in two or three minutes depending on your source. I had someone inform me at 1:03 EDT, so it definitely was not more than three minutes.

Onto the bigger story of the day (well, at least on this site). EasyRoute 1.2 was released after 7 days in review.

I call this the “little things” release. I concentrated on the big things for 1.0 and 1.1 and saved a bunch of “little things” for 1.2. I did this just in case any of these little things turned into big things. I didn’t want to hold up the other releases with little things.

So, here’s what we have:

1. You can now start the route at the current location dot. I was trying to think of a good way to handle this because that dot was intercepting the touches but, as usual, the simplest way turned out to be the best way. Just tap on the dot to start or extend the route there.

2. When the map is rotated, a compass is now shown. Tap the compass to orient the map to the north again. I went and made a compass myself and right about the same time I submitted it to Apple, the Google Maps SDK added their own compass. Oh well. I think I like mine better anyway.

3. Fixes a minor drawing problem regarding the current location marker.

Finally, while I was waiting for 1.2 to be reviewed, work on 1.3 began. It went quickly, it’s already feature-complete and is going to be released to my testers tonight.

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