EasyRoute 2.7 – iPhone X, FIT Export and ELEMNT

Today’s EasyRoute release delivers a few nice things while setting the table for even bigger features. Let’s dive into it.

First, let’s get the simple one out of the way — iPhone X support. It uses the whole screen — no more black bars.

The next big one is FIT export with turn-by-turn directions. Any new route created with EasyRoute 2.7 or later will internally contain turn-by-turn directions too. When exporting to a FIT file, these directions will be included. The benefit here is any device that supports FIT course files and turn-by-turn directions should be able to take full advantage of this.

A perfect example is the ELEMNT (and ELEMNT BOLT) bike computer by Wahoo Fitness.

Simply tap the share button in EasyRoute, select Open FIT in other app and select the ELEMNT companion app.

The ELEMNT app will import the route. At this point, you can sync it to the ELEMNT with Wi-Fi or simply select it and it’ll be transferred automatically via Bluetooth.

I should add that since the middle of 2016, I’ve been a Wahoo Fitness employee, but since EasyRoute exports a FIT file, there no reason other devices from other companies couldn’t utilize it. I will admit, I did a little extra work on the Wahoo side to ensure it was smooth, though.

Finally, I’ve always changed the minimum Apple will allow (US 99ยข) just to offset a few hard costs, but I’m changing the price to free. Enjoy!

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