EasyRoute and iOS 13

I figured I should address this as it is becoming a big problem.

iOS 13 largely breaks file sharing between apps. This means when you export your route as a GPX or FIT for consumption by Wahoo or Garmin apps, they might not show up as open-in options.

This seems to be a widespread problem and Apple seems to know about it.

Myself and some colleagues have looked at the problem from multiple angles, but there really isn’t much as app developers can do at the moment. Even if you first save the file to the Files app and then share the file from there, the app you want to open it in will still not show up.

Otherwise, regarding something I do have control over, I’ve heard some feedback about the dark mode maps, particularly from color-blind users. The next release will have an option to force the light maps on even when in dark mode.

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