EasyRoute 4.4 – Improved iPad Support

Split Screen

EasyRoute now supports split screen on the iPad! I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time and it’s finally here! EasyRoute began life during the iOS 5 era so when the project was set up, it was set up for a very different Apple ecosystem. There was a lot to update and modernize throughout the app to support this, so it was just a matter of making the effort.

The most useful app to open alongside it? Google Maps!

It’s almost like having Street View built into EasyRoute again!

Long Press Shortcut Menu

Long-pressing a route in the route list now brings up a menu of shortcuts.

Bike Type

When you change the routing mode to Bike, a Bike Type option appears. This should be helpful for preventing paths from being made for an inappropriate bike type. (Like a road bike being routed onto a mountain bike trail)

Goodbye iOS 11… and 12

The aforementioned modernization left some oddities on iOS 12 and they weren’t easy to solve. There are very few EasyRoute users on 12 and I was going to drop it when iOS 14 came out (soon) anyway, so it got dropped now. The App Store continues to make the last version that ran on a particular OS to users of that OS, so I figured I’d leave iOS 12 users with a good version rather than a quirky one. It was actually supporting iOS 11 as well, but there is far less usage there, so that was an easy decision.

As usual, for feedback, support, bug reports or whatever. Let me know with the contact form or on Twitter.

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