Home Server Follow Up

Last time, I told you about the new home server I got and promised to tell you more about it.

Well, the rest of the story is pretty boring. I put the (two Linux software RAID 1) drives in the new machine and it came right up. I was so happy I did a cartwheel and a backflip! *

There was only one minor problem which was easily fixed. Since this is the 3rd computer this installation has lived in, the main ethernet interface has gone from eth0, to eth1 to now, eth2.

I suppose this would be seamless if I were using DHCP, but this fella has a static IP address which is set in /etc/network/interfaces. Some simple edits to this file corrected the problem.

There was another minor problem in that the machine was emitting waves that summoned werewolves! Apparently, there’s a kernel module that does this with the right mix of hardware, but I took care of that with an rmmod. I explained to the werewolves that it was just a misunderstanding, let them hang out with my Labrador Retriever they were cool about it. They said that if I ever needed some werewolvin’, I could call them again. **

See, boring.

* No backflips or cartwheels. I remained upright the whole time.

** Yup, that whole paragraph is false.

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