No Long Island Marathon for me this year

Last week I had some small hope that I could somehow get back into training for the 2013 Long Island Marathon after I recovered from pneumonia. Boy, did I underestimate pneumonia.

I thought it was unlikely, but had a little hope of salvaging the marathon because after some searching, I saw some people were able to do it. Also, I didn’t really feel like the pneumonia was that bad. However, my attempt to return to my desk job was a disaster, so now I know it’s going to take some time to start running again, and quite a bit more time to get back to the mileage I was at before.

I had been home from work for a week on doctor’s orders, but mostly felt fine aside from a little fatigue. It turns out I felt fine because I did nothing but lay around. I went back to work on Wednesday and a full, normal day really did a number on me. The next day I did nothing but sleep and barely had the strength to get out of bed. It’s not like I do anything strenuous at work either; just sit at my desk and code.

So now, I’ll just take it easy and save running for when the fatigue is gone, whenever that may be.

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