Some changes ’round here

Code and Run First, I changed the name of this blog to Code and Run. I like it better than just using my name because I can tell people about it without having to spell my name. It suits me really well too. Font Runner I released the source code for Font Runner on SourceForge. […]

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Cutover Day

Today is the day all the Crux links redirect to these pages here in my personal site. Let me know if there are any problems. I expect most people landing here will be Font Runner users. Don’t worry, guys and gals, Font Runner is still available.

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Spammers are amazing

I haven’t even officially launched this blog yet and I’m already getting comment spam! At the time of this writing, I haven’t told anyone about this blog and I haven’t switched the domain name over to point at it yet! Imagine what could be accomplished if spammers spent their time doing something productive and/or┬ábeneficial┬áto society…

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