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Font Runner Update

I made some updates to the Font Runner project. First, I cleaned up the project and put it into Git. It had previously been in my Perforce depot, but as I have mentioned before, I prefer git these days. Then, I replaced the old license with the GPL license and removed any references to things […]

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Font Runner

Font Runner is a font manager for Windows targeted at artists and graphic designers. Its purpose is to easily organize and search font collections. The Font Runner Overview page from the former Crux site is still available through this blog. Open Source The source code for Font Runner has been released under the GPL v3 license and is […]


About the Source Font Runner began life more than a decade ago during the Visual C++ 6 era. The second version tacked some new features onto the original and I did some refactoring for 3.0, but there is likely a lot of old code laying around in there. A colleague of mine is fond of […]

Some changes ’round here

Code and Run First, I changed the name of this blog to Code and Run. I like it better than just using my name because I can tell people about it without having to spell my name. It suits me really well too. Font Runner I released the source code for Font Runner on SourceForge. […]

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Cutover Day

Today is the day all the Crux links redirect to these pages here in my personal site. Let me know if there are any problems. I expect most people landing here will be Font Runner users. Don’t worry, guys and gals, Font Runner is still available.

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No more Crux, it’s just me now

So, I finally shut down Crux Technologies, Inc. this past year. ┬áThe only interesting bit on the old Crux website was Font Runner, which I’m still offering and supporting. At some point, I realized that my personal hobby projects should be just that, so a personal website would be a perfect vehicle to share stuff […]

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Source Source code is available at Bitbucket. Current Releases Font Runner 3.2.3 Current Version: Release Date: April 17, 2013 Download 32-bit Version Download 64-bit Version System Requirements 32-bit Version Pentium 4 or equivalent processor or higher 128 MB RAM, 20MB disk space Any of the following operating systems: Windows XP Home/Professional SP2 or higher […]


Font Runner is a Windows font manager for artists and graphic designers. It is designed to easily organize and search collections of fonts. About Font Runner If you have a large collection of fonts, keeping them all in your Windows Fonts folder can be burdensome and slow. With Font Runner, you can manage your font […]


I’m a software engineer. I write programs professionally and as a hobby. I’m also a runner, participating in a number of running events on Long Island throughout the year. I use this site as a creative outlet and, generally, to talk about things I am interested in. This is my little place on the web; […]